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Madhav Pavithran | C.E.O

Madhav is a zealous teenager who wants to make an impact and strive towards social change, he started this company so that enthusiastic teens like himself are never over looked for opportunities. He enjoys reading up on history and mythology with his favourite being greek and norse mythology, In addition to this he has a keen interest in debate and he has won accolades in numerous MUN conferences. He has special interest in the India-Pakistan Border conflict and often reads books on this topic.

Armaan Sayyad | C.T.O

Armaan is a computer enthusiast who loves to explore new technological breakthroughs. He aspires to change the world through technology ensuring an equitable and sustainable future. With InternWoods he wants to provide a democratized platform accessible for students of all strata of the society, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for everyone.

Om More | C.M.O

Om is a Social butterfly who makes friends wherever he goes. Like most teens in this generation he shares a love for social media and understands the need for digital marketing, This is why he earned his seat as InternWoods’ media and marketing head. Like Vyom he is also an avid gamer, He also enjoys sketching and incorporates his love for art into the site with the help of the design team.

Vyom Virani | C.F.O

Vyom is an avid gamer with a keen interest in helping the society, he loves debating and occasionally enjoys to entertain those around him with his witty humour .He hopes that Internwoods is a way he can help make a difference in this world. His passion for the cause stems from troubles he faced when searching for internships and volunteer work, he believes that true knowledge and humanity roots from experience and wants to offer those experiences to everyone through this company to change the world for the better.

Design Team | Team head: Jayendra Harsh
Jayendra Harsh | Design Team Head

Jayendra harsh is an aspiring art director. He has spent time studying fine arts such as oil paintings and now he has now moved to digital art. His experience as an art student has solidified his role as a leader. He is also studying a 6 month fine arts diploma course. He is currently trying to come up with his own art style in the oil paint medium.

Sarah Xavier | Design Team member

Sarah is an artist and illustrator from Bangalore, She's been drawing since she was little, creating something new everyday brings her so much happiness and she can't wait to do it for the rest of her life.

Prakriti Reddy | Design Team member

Prakriti is an artist. Her hobbies are doing digital art, playing video games with her friends, and dancing. She loves listening to music but she can’t sing even if her life depended on it. She is the type of person who will do anything to get 5 more minutes of sleep in the morning.

Rishit Roshan | Design Team member

Rishit is a young and aspiring game developer who has a huge interest in graphic design and 3D animation. He is always trying to come up with innovative ways to make video games more fun and interesting.

Raoul D’Mello | Design Team member

Raoul D’Mello is a young graphic designer and self taught concept artist. He spends everyday trying to get better and loves helping others find the same love he finds with his creative work.

Creative Team | Team head: Madhav Pavithran
Anna Susan Jose | Blog Writer

Anna is a Law student who is an avid reader that is a writer by the side. She is ambitious and creative and will actively hunt for opportunities showcasing these qualities. She is very much into sci-fi , history and political science. From pop culture to socio-economic issues , Anna loves dissecting topics to expand her knowledge

Devika Menon | Blog Writer

Devika is a teen writer and storyteller, whose passion covers the fields of history, anthropology and sociology. She is a co-writer in a blog that aims to educate the youth about India’s cultural history and sociopolitical issues. She is also a travel enthusiast. She aspires to travel the world, meet new people, experience different cultures, try new cuisines, and live a life of thrill and adventure.

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