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Frequently Asked Questions

Employees are hired to do a job, while internships are designed to provide on the job training. Interns are allowed to have a more flexible schedule and a lighter work load. Instead of having things that they “MUST” do , interns have things they “CAN” or “MIGHT” want to look into.

For a successful internship a student must possess the  following :

– At least a  minimal amount of skill 

– An ability to learn and develop

– A yearning to experience and grow

– Knowledge about the internship and program he / she is interested in 

– Any other internship / job specific requirements the companies and NGO’s require for the specific program you are applying to 

It entirely depends on your school and the college you are planning on applying to. Any internship or volunteer work is given preference and merit to.

Expect to gain a greater understanding of the organization and industry through direct participation in its mission. Don’t be surprised if the internship also includes general administrative work and office assistance. Successful interns demonstrate that they’re team players and willing to contribute to an organization in any and all capacities. Interns are encouraged to remember that it’s their responsibility to get the most out of the internship experience. 

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